With Every Act of Love

Church revitalization, church planting, compassion ministries and more – God is “doing something” in Louisiana, thanks in part to your gifts through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering. Listen to this popular song and “do something!”

How Do You Close God’s Church?

Two per month. That is how many churches in Louisiana close their doors. Two struggling congregations asked the hard question, “How do you close God’s church?”Check out their story and see God’s response.

Miracle on Mirabeau

What do you do when you’ve told God you don’t want to be a church planter? You plant a church. In fact, over the last 9 years, God has used Lonnie Tucker and his wife to start 6 churches. The Miracle on Mirabeau will help you see God’s guiding hand in church planting in Louisiana

For the Least of These

“Without fail, God has always used one child to launch a church.” Jacob Crawford, Pastor Life Point Church, Avoyelles Parish. When church planter Jacob Crawford followed God’s leadership to plant a church in Cottonport, God knew exactly who he needed. Take a moment and watch Joe’s story

Food, Furniture and Open Doors

What can God use to draw people to Himself? Anything! Robert was a college graduate who ended up doing community service as part of his sentence. Little did he know that his community service in a local compassion ministry would change his eternity. Don’t miss Robert’s story.

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