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Who was Georgia Barnette?

When we think about those that brought our nation into existence we think of names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Other names bubble to the surface when we think about the beginning of our great state. But when we think about Louisiana Baptists and our mission as believers, we remember Georgia Barnette. In 1901, Georgia Barnette arrived at First Baptist Church in New Orleans. Although she was new to the region, she fell in love with the city, its history, its diversity and its needs. Georgia went across the state and visited churches by boat, train, and horse-drawn carriage. She began to work with women all over the state.

Through this process of getting to know Louisiana personally, she began to organize the mission and communicate about the needs across our state for the gospel. With the help of churches, she made it her mission to increase mission awareness. Her passion was unquestionable. Because of her love of the Gospel, the Great Commission, and Louisiana, she became the first Executive Director/Treasurer of the WMU in Louisiana. Although Georgia’s work here on earth ended many years ago, she left a heritage of hope for the state of Louisiana. Her handwritten correspondence reminded Louisianians to invest in ministry. Our state has changed dramatically since her departure, but the needs are even greater than they were over 100 years ago. Our state is a mission field. The torch has been passed to us as we share the light in an ever darkening culture.

2023 Proposed Allocations (State Goal: $1.7 million)

2023 Projected Allocations Chart
Mission Budget Supplements39%
Special Mission Projects20%
Mission Education, Promotion and Leader Training19%
Mission Church Builder Program8%
Here for You 2014-2020 9%
Equipment and Special Needs1%