Week of Prayer – English

September 12-19, 2021
Week of Prayer - Day 1
  • Please pray for wisdom and strength as Stan leads volunteers in planning and preparing for disasters. Pray for the seven Zone Leaders and the Chaplain Coordinator as they serve in critical roles in the ministry.
  • Pray for the volunteers as they serve in difficult circumstances.
  • Pray that believers will support the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering that brings hope and comfort to those impacted by disasters.
  • Pray for those affected by disasters. There are physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial needs, and these needs tend to be magnified in times of disasters.

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. Some disasters affect a small pocket of the citizens in Louisiana, others are widespread in a place thousands of miles away from the Bayou State. But the Covid-19 pandemic affected us all in real, dynamic, concrete ways. Stan Statham and his wife, Tracy, have been involved in disaster relief in Louisiana for over 16 years. God uniquely equipped Stan to serve in disaster relief. Before he was called into ministry he served as a paramedic and also did his graduate work in disasters. But the greatest way that he was prepared for this task was the experience he had seeing the suffering of ordinary people and offering grace and truth in times of disaster.

During disasters, volunteers have a great opportunity to share the gospel as they meet physical needs. During Hurricane Laura over 400 people came to know Christ as Savior in southwest Louisiana. Many were saved at the supply distribution center established at Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles. Stan remarks, “This is a great example of a local church opening their doors to their community.”

Week of Prayer - Day 2
  • Pray that Pastor Lewis, his family and B.M.C. will continue to be a model church in the city of Lake Charles. God needs some models of the Master.
  • Pray that God would give B.M.C. the finances to build back their building, heavily damaged by Hurricanes Laura and Delta, so they can continue to minister effectively to their hurting community.
  • Pray that God will continue to use Pastor Lewis to develop and disciple people to have a passion for people.

For the past 10 years, Pastor Clyde Lewis has been working in the harvest field of Lake Charles, reaching out to the neighbors next door. At Bethel Metropolitan Church, they strive to “make it hard to go to hell from Lake Charles.” Their mission resonates with Louisiana Baptists. They decided to move the church from the holy place to the marketplace, from the sanctuary to the streets. And they are experiencing the fruit of their labor.

“I have witnessed a family of 12 coming to Christ. We reached this family by going into the community and sharing Christ.  As I observe our people serving on a daily and weekly basis, people are becoming their passion, purpose, and priority because they are in love with God,” Pastor Clyde shared. Indeed, Bethel has a great love for the people next door. He remarked, “You can’t build a church in a day. You build it daily. The Georgia Barnette Offering helps many churches like Bethel Metropolitan Church build back after a difficult season of uncertainty and shut-downs so they can continue the work.”

Week of Prayer - Day 3
  • Pray for the development of the core team at City Life NOLA and the generosity of Louisiana Baptists through the Georgia Barnette Offering.
  • Pray that the Lord would bring disciple-makers to partner with the church in starting Discovery Bible Studies across NOLA.
  • Pray that the Lord would help to identify persons of peace to join them on their mission as a church.

Homeless outreach was nowhere on Jacob Crawford’s radar. That is, until he met a man named Hollis. Hollis is a retired judge who moved to New Orleans to love on the homeless. He began by picking up trash and providing meals, care packages, and coffee. He has no training as a barber, but he cuts the men’s hair. He loves the forgotten. Hollis has been ministering to the homeless for about four years. Jacob says, “The Lord led us to partner with Hollis to start Discovery Bible Studies in homeless camps around the city. We are mobilizing disciple makers to start groups and prayerfully continue to catch a vision of disciple making and eventually start groups in their own communities.”

Jacob explains that City Life NOLA is based upon the seven realities found in Experiencing God. Some of those realities state that God is working all around us, God invites us into a love relationship with himself, and God invites us to join him in what he is doing. Their prayer in New Orleans has been, “Lord, show us where you are working so we can join you.” God is also giving their team a compassion for the hurting and broken of the city. They have seen the Lord move in the lives of the people they serve.

Week of Prayer - Day 4
  • Pray for the Lord to bring women in His timing that Lindsey can serve effectively through their residential recovery sex trafficking ministry.
  • Pray for wisdom in creating an accountability system for women who graduate from their residential recovery and helping them navigate transitioning into and thriving in the real world.
  • Pray for creative ways to share the Gospel in their community, especially with kids in this particular generation.

Lindsey taught school six years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. During this time, she sensed a specific call on her life. She learned of all the heartbreaking needs in her community – homelessness, trafficking, abuse and addiction. It was during that season when the Lord placed a burden on her for the community and birthed the vision for Freedom13. Freedom13 bases its purpose around Galatians 5:13, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” This verse has inspired their mission – to rebuild dignity into the lives of those they serve in Northeast Louisiana.

Lindsey said, “Having the support of the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering is an answer to prayer. It will open doors of ministry we’ve prayed for and dreamed about. Not only will it enhance our current areas of ministry relating to jail outreach and trafficking, it will allow us to pursue the vision God has given us for a new ministry outreach called Doing Life Together, which will provide an after-school program for girls and many other initiatives.”

Week of Prayer - Day 5
  • Pray for the students at LC and seminary who had their education process disrupted due to COVID.
  • Pray for Louisiana Baptists to be challenged to engage younger generations through discipleship that develops leaders who live on-mission wherever God leads them.
  • Pray that children who attend camp will grow in their knowledge and love for Christ.

The need for equipping the next generation is vital. We can’t let this generation of students fall through the cracks of our churches. This is the goal of Missions Education/Discipleship. Missions Discipleship is built on the needs of engaging, mentoring, and nurturing younger generations for Christ. It begins as early as preschool with Mission Friends and continues into adulthood.

Today we are praying for Children’s Missions Camps and the collegiate scholarships. In 2019, there were 432 campers, leaders, staff, and guests who attended Children’s Mission Camp. During that week, girls and boys were able to experience and grow in their relationship with God, learn about missions, and see Him in nature and the outdoors. Seventeen students made professions of faith in Christ and three rededicated their lives to Him. The campers also gave an $1,800 offering for Georgia Barnette State Missions. After the closures caused by the pandemic, Janie Wise, Jess Archer and other leaders are ready to welcome kids back to camp.

Also, WMU Scholarships for women attending seminary were established as early as 1920 and expanded to Louisiana College in 1943. Today, as then, those funds are allocated through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering.

Week of Prayer - Day 6
  • Pray for the influence of the gospel to lay hold of the Hispanic community in Natchitoches.
  • Pray for development of future leaders and spiritual growth of the church.
  • Pray for their deacon/worship minister who lives in another town, an hour away. This requires extra effort and planning, week in and week out.

God always has a way of connecting the right people to answer the prayers of His people for the specific needs they see next door. Westside Baptist Church had been praying for a number of years for God to bring a Spanish-speaking church to minister and evangelize the Spanish speaking people of Natchitoches. He answered that prayer, in His time, through Gabriel Ruiz. Gabriel was serving in Puerto Rico. In 2020, He and his family made the long journey from there to Louisiana. There was a remnant that needed a shepherd, and while Gabriel was praying, he started to feel the weight of Jesus words, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

Now together with Westside Baptist Church, they are committed to reaching the Hispanic community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gabriel and his family had been praying for this and the Lord answered their prayers. Baptisms, growth and discipleship have followed their acts of sacrifice and obedience.

The Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering will help Westside en Español have the resources and financial assistance they need to reach the Spanish speaking people for Jesus in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Week of Prayer - Day 7

Pray for:

  • The seeds of God’s truth to find new, good soil every time the commercials air.
  • God to protect and nourish those seeds that have found good soil.
  • People to attend a local Louisiana Baptist Church as a direct result of the Here for You

It happens every week. Several times a week. And we’ve been doing this statewide for going on three years.

We’re sowing seeds of God’s truth in the hearts and homes of those living nearby through our multi-media outreach strategy, Here for You. And the good news is – they are responding! Here’s what they’re saying – in their own words:

“I need God’s help.” – New Orleans

“How can you move on with past hurt and forgive yourself and not keep holding things in?” – Houma

“How do I fully understand what I read in the Bible?” – New Orleans

“What’s next?” – Alexandria

Through Here for You, Louisiana Baptists have a partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and their internet evangelism efforts in our state. Every month we receive a report indicating the number of people who have viewed the Gospel presentation on HereForYou.org and who have indicated a decision for Christ that month. In 2020, there were more than 6,600 views of the Gospel presentation and 1,273 people indicated a decision for Christ!

The good news continues through the first quarter of 2021 as 258 people have indicated a decision for Christ!

Here for You is missions in its most basic form – taking God’s Good News to people and places we don’t regularly reach. Your gifts to the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering have played a vital role in this effort from the beginning and the seeds are beginning to sprout in the hearts and homes of those living nearby.

Week of Prayer - Day 8
  • Pray that Matthew and his church would be bold to share the gospel and see more people come to know Christ.
  • Pray for Matthew, his wife and partner in ministry, Annie, and their young children: Bryson, Eliana, and Paton.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to provide abundantly for the church building project.

Ever since Matthew Delaughter was 20, he felt called to minister in areas where there was more need for gospel proclamation and healthy churches. After much prayer, fasting, and counsel from the pastors of his sending church, the Delaughter’s moved from Kentucky to New Orleans to plant Immanuel Community Church in the summer of 2015. Then, out of ICC, another new work was born – Harvest Church.

Matthew is praising God for the way He’s been moving in the hearts of His people. “We’re thankful to see our people maintain the unity of the faith in a season where many churches were divided over Covid-19, politics, and racial strife… we have seen our people endure trials through patience and prayer.”

Even in the midst of the pandemic, fifteen men and twenty women have been discipled. Matthew’s passion for sending disciples from their church is reflected in how God has prompted a family from their church to plant another church in Kenya.

The church is preparing to add more facilities and the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering will help this vision become a reality.