Worship & Promo Ideas

State Goal: $1.7 million

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus always challenged His disciples to THINK BIG! Let’s have big dreams together about Louisiana. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we saw God move supernatural through our state? We have a plan and we believe God will use this year’s Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering to do BIG things! So where do we begin? Here are some simple steps which will make this year’s emphasis a movement of faith and not just another offering.

PRAY: “God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.” John Wesley.

Begin to pray that God will use the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering to assist, minister and evangelize all over Louisiana.

  • Pray for members of your church to see this as more than money. Rather, may they see it as a movement.
  • Pray for unity within the leadership of the church.
  • Pray for “Big Thinking!”
  • Pray for teachers and leaders who will lead, teach, and publicize the “Think Big” message.
  • Pray for God to give your people a generous heart.

SET: “Think little goals and expect little achievements. THINK BIG goals and win big success.”  – David Joseph Schwartz

  • Determine a financial goal for your church.
  • Involve as many people as you can in setting the goal for your church.
  • Make it a diverse group of people helping you determine the goal. Remember that the more people you involve, the more buy-in you’ll get.
  • Brainstorm ideas for communicating your progress toward reaching the goal throughout the campaign.
  • Set it, but DON’T forget it. Talk about it. Pray about it. Print about it. This is one place you shouldn’t worry about redundancy.

TELL: If we are serious about the gospel we shouldn’t be shy about promoting the strategy and the goal.

  • Explore ways to communicate the theme and opportunity for this yearʼs state missions offering. Take advantage of all the tools in the resource kit.
  • The sermon outlines, dramatic vignettes and multimedia tools will make it easy to promote while also challenging your church to make a difference in their community and the state.
  • Invite a Louisiana Baptist church planter or missionary to join you on the platform for an interview to create excitement and awareness of how the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering impacts Louisiana.

CREATE: “Communicators need to figure out how well do they engage people, and they should not talk one word longer than people are engaged.” Andy Stanley

  • Enthusiastically prepare and celebrate through creative communication and experiences.
  • Celebrate your church’s generosity and mission from the beginning of the missions offering to the very end.
  • Try creating an event to raise money for the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering.
  • Be the theme! Think big! Don’t tag it on to the end of the service or the back of the bulletin. We believe this cause is worth it. Every dollar will stay in Louisiana to reach the un-churched, the de-churched, and the pre-churched!

A Reading for Worship:

Reader 1: 2 Corinthians 9:6

Reader 2: The apostle Paul reminds a church to be generous

Reader 1: Remember this saying,

Reader 2: “A few seeds make a small harvest,

Reader 1: but a lot of seeds make a big harvest.”

Reader 2: In other words:

Reader 1: Why plant just a few seeds in a small area?

Reader 2: Why think about what is reasonable

Reader 1: When we have been called to something revolutionary?

Reader 2: One thing is certain when we think big, big things happen.

Reader 1: When give whole heartedly

Reader 2: God moves so mightily

Reader 1: Two farmers

Reader 2: Jed

Reader 1: And Jethro.

Reader 2: Jed was a little puzzled by the tin can in Jethro’s hand

Jed: Whatcha got there, Jethro?

Jethro: Seeds! It’s that time of year again.

Jed: Is that all you’re planting this year?

Jethro: Yeah, I’m trying not to get too carried away. These seeds are pricey and so I think I’ll just play it cool, do the minimum and see what happens. I’m just going to plant me a few peas.   By the way, where are your seeds?

Jed: They’re in the old pickup.

Reader 1: Jethro looked in the back of the trunk and he saw huge bags of seeds. And not just seeds for peas. He had bags of squash seeds, cucumber seeds, beet seeds, spinach seeds watermelon seeds and some he wasn’t even sure he could recognize: rhubarb? Dragon squash? Garlic Scapes, Manchurian Melons?

Jed: Sure! Why not?

Jethro: Don’t you think you got a little carried away?

Reader 2: And so they planted.

Reader 1: It was a great season, nice soaking rains and bright sunny days.

Reader 2: And the crops grew and grew.

Reader 1: Jethro seemed pretty pleased that his two rows of peas had done so well. That is until he looked over at Jed’s farm. Rows and rows of vegetables of every variety, ready to be harvested.

Reader 2: Jed knew the secret.

Reader 1: A few seeds- little harvest.

Reader 2: Lots of seeds – big harvest.

Reader 1: It kind of reminds me of the challenge Paul gave to the early church. God loves generosity and God uses our generosity to change our town.

Reader 2: Our state.

Reader 1: To plant new works

Reader 2: To feed the hungry in Jesus name.

Reader 1: To make a difference

Reader 2: To see a big harvest.

Reader 1: It all begins with thinking big.

Reader 2: Will we…

Reader 1: For the glory of God…

Both: Think Big?

1: (On a chair) Pay attention to this. A sower went out to sow.

2: La-De-Da-De-Da. This looks like a good spot. Take root, little seeds!

1: Some seed fell along the pathway.

3: Ahh! That hurt!

1: The sower was afraid that someone would snatch the tiny seeds away. Could it be God the Father?

2: I sure hope so cuz—

1: Could it be the Holy Spirit??

3 That’d be great—

1: Could it be Satan!?!

2 &3: Oh, no! Not that dude!!!

1: (evil voice) Come along with me. You’ll be much happier with me! HA!

2: Bye . . . Bye, tiny seeds!

1: (back as narrator) Other seed fell on ground full of hard rocks, and they sprang up quickly.

3: Ta-Da! I’m proud to be such a beautiful plant. I’ll stand strong and tall no matter what!

1: Now they want to stand strong and tall, but they don’t have a whole lot of fruit and the sun comes up and they whither away because they just can’t take it.

3: It’s hot! I’m tired of being a stupid plant. It’s just not worth it! (He collapses from heat exhaustion.)

1: Other seed fell among thorns and thistles. And the thistles grew up and pressed in on it and choked it. (turns into thorns)

2: It’s OK! Just as long as other people like you! Get them before they get you?? Well, that seems kind of cruel. (3 Pretends to choke 2) AHHHHH!

1: And other seed fell among good, well-adapted soil!

3: I hear. I believe. I receive! Wow! Look at all my beautiful fruit. Yipee!

1: And their fruit was plenty. Some even 60 and some even 100 times that which was sown!

2: He who has ears to hear, LISTEN!

1: Scatter seeds

3: Think big!

1: Give courageously

2: Remember. Little sowing, little harvest

1: Big sowing, big harvest!

Both: Let’s think big!

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