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State Goal: $1.7 million

The greatest thing we can do in life is to impart truth. Having truth is one thing, but imparting truth gives everything we do meaning and purpose. There are so many ways to impart truth. It’s not just speaking it. It’s showing truth through our actions and generosity. That’s why we are so excited about what God is doing in Louisiana through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering. Let’s Impart. Truth. Today. through giving and make it possible for others to impart truth in places all over our great state.

PRAY: There’s a financial transaction when you give, but no one can deny that there is a spiritual dynamic in your generosity. Blanket your gifts in prayer.

True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that – it is spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. – Charles Spurgeon

Begin to pray that God will use the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering to assist, minister and evangelize all over Louisiana.

  • Pray for members of your church to see this as more than money. Rather, may they see it as a movement.
  • Pray for God to give boldness to those all over Louisiana who are imparting truth.
  • Pray for teachers and leaders who will lead, teach, and publicize the message of Impart. Truth. Today.
  • Pray for God to give your people a generous heart.
  • Take time in services and classes to pray for the people in our stories. Remember that their stories are not finished. They are all on the field right now imparting the truth of the Gospel.

SET: It’s important to set a goal for your church. This is a tangible way people can see the power of combined giving.

  • Determine a financial goal for your church.
  • Position your campaign as a spiritual movement, not just a financial one.
  • Involve as many people as you can in setting the goal for your church.
  • Make it a diverse group of people helping you determine the goal. Remember that the more people you involve, the more buy-in you’ll get.
  • Brainstorm ideas for communicating your progress toward reaching the goal throughout the campaign.
  • Set it, but DON’T forget it. Talk about it. Pray about it. Print about it. This is one place you shouldn’t worry about redundancy.

TELL: Don’t just announce the goal and leave it at that. Find different ways to incorporate the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering into the broader scope of your church’s missional reach.

  • Explore ways to communicate the theme and opportunity for this year’s state missions offering. Take advantage of all the tools in the resource kit.
  • The sermon outlines, dramatic vignettes and multimedia tools will make it easy to promote while also challenging your church to make a difference in their community and the state.
  • Invite a Louisiana Baptist church planter or missionary to join you on the platform for an interview to create excitement and awareness of how the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering impacts Louisiana.
  • Please note: To assure success in using the media on this site, preview the videos on your TV or screens before the service to make sure that they are working properly.

CREATE: Your offering emphasis can be customized to fit your church and culture. Make it unique. If your efforts reflect your church culture, you’ll have a greater outcome.

  • Enthusiastically prepare and celebrate through creative communication and experiences.
  • Celebrate your church’s generosity and mission from the beginning of the missions offering to the very end.
  • Try creating an event to raise money for the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering.
  • Truth is powerful. Make truth the focal point of your campaign. Don’t tag it on to the end of the service or the back of the bulletin.
  • Invite a speaker to come to your church. This will make the message even more real to the people in the pews. Our speakers will come at no expense to dynamically share the truth of the gospel. These aren’t fundraisers, they are men and women God is using to win Louisiana for Jesus.

Three Readers Needed

Reader #1: Stand firm

Reader #2: With the belt of truth buckled around your waist.

Reader #3: If the truth is not reverenced, the fight is lost.

Reader #1: Speak the truth.

Reader #2: And what is the truth?

Reader #3: Jesus.

Reader #1: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Reader #2: Jesus.

Reader #3: “I tell you the truth.”

Reader #1: And He did.

Reader #2: Every day He spoke the truth.

Reader #3: It wasn’t welcomed many times, but it was the truth nonetheless.

Reader #1: It was contested,

Reader #2: But never impeached.

Reader #3: It was challenged, but never changed.

Reader #1: It was dreaded, but never dethroned.

Reader #2: The Truth was in His Word.

Reader #3: And the Truth was Christ.

Reader #1: And Christ was the Word.

Reader #2: And the Word was God.

Reader #3: He spoke the truth.

Reader #1: And He has given us all power and all truth.

Reader #2: Powerful truth.

Reader #3: Redeeming truth.

Reader #1: Liberating truth.

Reader #2: If you know Christ, you know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Reader #3: Free from the lies,

Reader #1: Whispered lies exhumed from the graves of our ancestors.

Reader #2: Do you hear them?

Reader #3: “You are weak and helpless.”

Reader #1: “You are not a child of the King.”

Reader #2: “Christ cannot save you,” Satan whispers.

Reader #3: “You’ll never measure up.”

Reader #2: “You are not free.”

Reader #1: But the long, strong voice of the Father cries out,


Reader #3: When we buckle the belt of truth,

Reader #1: Satan’s travesties are no match for the Word of God.

Reader #2: Therefore go and impart truth …

All: Today.

Three readers needed.

Reader #1: Life without truth is meaningless,

Reader #3: Uncertain,

Reader #2: Vain,

Reader #3: And futile.

Reader #2: Without the truth of Christ, life is

Reader #1: Barren,

Reader #3: An absurd tale,

Reader #2: A tragic drama,

Reader #3: A loud gong,

Reader #1: A clanging symbol,

Reader #2: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

Reader #3: When we live in ignorance of Your love and grace, all the things we seek are futile.

Reader #2: Exhilaration is temporary,

Reader #3: Work

Reader #1: Shallow,

Reader #2: Accomplishment

Reader #1: Meaningless,

Reader #3: Trophies

Reader #1: Perishable,

Reader #2: Conquest

Reader #1: Frail,

Reader #3: Goals

Reader #1: Futile,

Reader #2: Dreams

Reader #1: Deferred,

Reader #2: Life

All: Empty.

Reader #3: But the life Christ offers can’t be bought.

Reader #2: It is priceless and eternal.

Reader #1: And now he calls us to Impart.

Reader 2: Truth.

Reader #3: Today.

Reader #1: To those in Louisiana who have been living in the lies of the enemy,

Reader #2: Desperate for answers,

Reader #3: Wanting to know what’s real.

Reader #1: Will we rise as the church in Louisiana?

Reader #2: The needs are great and the investment is eternal.

All: Let’s Impart. Truth. Today.

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