We’re losing.

The research indicates upwards to 2/3’s of teenagers drop out of church and a growing number of young adults classify themselves as “nones” – unaffiliated with any religious group.

What can we do to address this exodus? Impart. Truth. Today.

Imparting must be intentional. It doesn’t happen on its own. This reflects the need for us to recommit ourselves to this effort. But what we impart is even more important – truth. Traditions are good, opinions can be helpful, but truth is life-changing. And the timing of this truth-imparting is crucial – today. We may have missed the opportunity yesterday and we’re not guaranteed we’ll get to impart truth tomorrow. But, we can Impart. Truth. Today.

Your gifts through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering expand this effort across Louisiana through missions education, church planting, multi-media evangelism and more.

Please utilize the resources on this website to inform and inspire yourself and your congregation to Impart. Truth. Today.

English Videos

Screen Time
What We Hope They See (Music Video)
Hope Dressed in Yellow
Loving them Back

Videos en español

Screen Time (Español)
What We Hope They See – Music Video (Español)
Hope Dressed in Yellow (Español)
Loving Them Back (Español)

Fast Facts

Your Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering is busy year-round making a difference in the lives of people and churches across the state. Check out these Fast Facts from 2018-2019.

When 5 tornados landed in Ville Platte in May of 2019, Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief responded with chainsaw teams from five different areas and were able to complete 35 jobs.

Burmese, Khmer – Cambodian, Mandarin Chinese, Eritrean, and Arabic are among some of the people groups engaged through church planting in Louisiana over the last few years.

Here for You enables us to seed God’s truth in places we normally couldn’t get to and reach people we typically don’t reach – people who do not attend anyone’s church.