Get ready to Think Big!

Life has a way of causing us to think small. Out of fear, distraction, or caution, we try to do just enough. It’s the Goldilocks effect.  We give, serve, and livenot too small, not too big but just enough. This is not the way of the Master. God calls us to think big. The Great Commission begins right here in Louisiana. Louisiana is a BIG challenge.    

Think big? Yes, we’d better because the task is enormous.

Spreading Truth
Think Big – Pray Big
Missions Start Here
Engaging a Different Culture
Thinking Big – Again
Thank You – Philip Robertson
Thank You – Noel George
Thank You – Jennie Hatchel
Thank You – Frazier Family
Thank You – Floyd Fowler
Thank You – Debbie George
Thank You – Clifton Arnold
Thank You – Calvin Banks
Thank You – Anna Lee Alford
Thank You – Anh Stubbs

Fast Facts

Your Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering is busy year-round making a difference in the lives of people and churches across the state. Check out these Fast Facts from 2017-2018.

The Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering feeds the hungry after a disaster through Louisiana Baptists Disaster Relief.

With Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering funding, we averaged 56.5 salvation decisions per church plant since 2010.

Here for You enables us to seed God’s truth in places we normally couldn’t get to and reach people we typically couldn’t reach.