“Why Wait.”

The answer to that question is often the determining factor in embarking on a life-changing direction. When there is no good reason to keep us from sharing the Gospel, ministering in Jesus’ name, planting new churches or training missional leaders, the next step is, “Let’s get to it.”

The resources on this website are designed to help you, Church Leader, to guide your church or small group to develop a strong strategy that results in:

  • Praying for Louisiana missions throughout this year;
  • Discovering ways to be actively engaged in Louisiana missions NOW; and,
  • To lead your church to be part of a $1,700,000 challenge to reach Louisiana for Christ.

“Why Wait.” Let’s get started.

A Growing Opportunity
Opportunity Now
Waiting On Us
There’s Just the Church
Points of Impact (Allocation Overview)
30 Seconds of Truth
“Be One” Music Video
Thank You – Josh Elliff
Thank You – Olimpia Swindler
Thank You – Brandon Langley
Thank You – Jeff Ginn (English)
Thank You – Jeff Ginn (Español)
Thank You – Michael Wood
Thank You – Pastor G (English)
Thank You – Pastor G (Español)

Fast Facts

Your Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering is busy year-round making a difference in the lives of people and churches across the state. Check out these Fast Facts from 2016-2017.

A total of 22,748 volunteer days were recorded by Louisiana Baptists’ Disaster Relief volunteers during the South Louisiana floods in fall, 2016.

Did you know 55 ministry centers that are supported by Georgia Barnette Missions Offering gave two million pounds of food to the needy?

We are on track for record baptisms in church plants in 2017. Current pace should get us close to 500 baptisms this year.