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Where Does it Go?

Who Benefits from this Offering?

Every year Louisiana Baptists take up an offering dedicated to help fund missions and ministries around the state. The money received through the offering is used by God to transform the lives of people and churches in Louisiana.

Here are just a few of the ministries that receive financial help from this offering.

Disaster Relief

Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief is a Christ-centered partnership of national, state, and associational ministries serving through the local church to bring help, healing, and hope to individuals and communities affected by disaster.

Mission Builder

The Mission Builder program helps build mission churches throughout Louisiana at a cost approximately 40% lower than commercial grade construction. This ministry can help in every phase of a build, from planning to completion.

Here for You

Here for You is Louisiana Baptists’ ongoing evangelical media strategy. Whether you want to know more about starting a relationship with God, plugging in to a local church, or are in need of prayer, the Here for You website is here to serve.


The Hannah Reynolds WMM Scholarships have a long history and dedication to collegiate students. Along with financial assistance, student recipients are regularly encouraged through prayer. Multiple scholarships are available.

2024 Projected Allocation Chart

The state goal for this year’s Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering is set at $1,750,000. Below is the proposed breakdown.

Mission Supplements
Assistance for mission churches’ salaries
Missions Education, Promotion, and Leadership Training
Assistance for leadership training and Missions Education events
Special Missions Projects
Resort Missions, Language Radio Outreach, and more
Here for You
Louisiana Baptists’ multi-media evangelism strategy
Mission Builder Program
Assists mission churches with building costs
Disaster Relief / Volunteer Mobilized
Mobilizes volunteers for Disaster Relief and Mission Builder Program
Hannah Reynolds WMU Scholarship & African American Church Planters Scholarship
Equipment and Special Needs
Funding for emergency needs of mission churches
< 1%

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