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Day 2

Relief Begins With Your “Yes”

Everyday Missionaries

Howard Turner, Jordan Mathias, and Sophia Rourke, share one common thread: when they see a need, they put their “yes” on the table. Each of them has seen God do amazing things in the middle of disasters.

Jordan said, “We should be everyday missionaries. We look for conversations and opportunities to share the gospel.” Through the experience of Disaster Relief, Jordan began to realize the power of obedience.

Sophia, a counseling student at NOBTS, was wrecked by what she saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. She knew she had to do something. Saying “yes” to disaster relief meant having the willingness for God to change your plans. “That’s a good way to live for the Lord because you just never know what’s going happen in Disaster Relief.”

Howard, a Disaster Relief veteran, added, “We need volunteers that have a heart for Jesus and a love for people because it doesn’t matter what skill level you have, there’s something foreveryone to do.”

Your gifts through the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering helps prepare the nextgeneration of yellow-shirted volunteers who put their “yes” on the table.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray Louisiana Baptists will continue to run to the need and give, so that people can know that Jesus saves.
  • Pray for more volunteers to serve at feeding stations, on chain saw crews, mud out projects and other areas of disaster relief.
  • Ask God if He wants you to put your “yes” on the table and volunteer for Disaster Relief.

Days of Prayer