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State Goal: $1.7 million

Thank you for helping spread the word about Louisiana Missions and the Georgia Barnette Offering. Below you will find resources you can use to inform and encourage others to get involved in state missions through giving, praying, and taking action.

As part of this effort, we ask that you create posts on your social media profiles at least eight times during our GBO campaign throughout September and October. Your posts may include pictures, graphics, videos, and text. Feel free to use the resources below, or find other resources. The examples provided are just a starting point. Feel free to put your posts in your own words and use your own images if you’d like.

When possible, please use the hashtags #GeorgiaBarnette and #LouisianaMissions, and reference the georgiabarnette.org website, where others can find more info, resources, and give to state missions.

Copy for Social Media Posts

The Louisiana Baptist State Mission Offering works year-round to plant new churches, help those in need, and bring the Gospel to thousands. Help reach our state by giving to the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Mission Offering. GeorgiaBarnette.org/giving

Louisiana Baptists continue the work of Miss Georgia Barnette each year by telling the stories of God at work from south Louisiana to north, from east to west. Visit GeorgiaBarnette.org to hear about how God is moving in our state and to see how you can be part of that work!

In 1914, the #LouisianaMission goal was $4,800. The goal was to “give as much to state missions as to home and foreign missions combined.” The goal is the same, but the financial need has grown. Contribute to the $1.7M goal online at GeorgiaBarnette.org.

Your #GeorgiaBarnette #LouisianaMission Offering is busy year-round making a difference in the lives of people and churches across the state. You can give online at GeorgiaBarnette.org.

The spirit of giving that #GeorgiaBarnette inspired planted a groundwork for the Week of Prayer for State Missions and what is now the #GeorgiaBarnette #LouisianaMissions Offering. Her example is a model for prayer and giving today. GeorgiaBarnette.org.

Gifts to the #GeorgiaBarnette #LouisianaMissions Offering assist in funding ministries in 7 categories: mission budget supplements; mission church builder program; special projects; education, promotion & leadership training; Here for You; equipment & special needs; & scholarships.

The Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering enables churches to become the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. It’s never too late or too early to give online.

What can we do to address the exodus from the church today? Your charitable giving/donations help the #GeorgiaBarnette #LouisianaMissions Offering go to work all across Louisiana, creating opportunities for all to say “yes” to Jesus. GeorgiaBarnette.org.

Images for Social Media Posts

FBC Reserve

Hurricane relief from FBC Reserve

Vintage Church

Food collection at Vintage Church

Southern BCM

Little victories at Southern BCM


Hispanic works in Ascension Parish

God Still Loves the Country

God still loves the country

New Hope Community Church

Providing hope in Kenner

3:18 Church

3:18 Church at work in Shreveport

We're Here for You

We’re Here for You

Memes for Facebook

Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell quote

Yes to Jesus

Yes to Jesus

Hope Hope Hope

Hope Hope Hope

Little Victories

Little Victories

Memes for Instagram

Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell quote

Yes to Jesus

Yes to Jesus

Hope Hope Hope

Hope Hope Hope

Little Victories

Little Victories

Video Downloads


Love God and Love People (Music Video)
HD .MP4 file (2:04)
1280×720 / 33.6 MB

Connecting the Seeds (Here for You)
HD .MP4 file (2:30)
1280×720 / 34.3 MB

God Still Loves the Country (Mer Rouge)
HD .MP4 file (2:58)
1280×720 / 47.9 MB

Little Victories (Southern BCM)
HD .MP4 file (2:33)
1280×720 / 38.3 MB

Hope Hope Hope (New Hope Community)
HD .MP4 file (2:49)
1280×720 / 43.8 MB

Thank You!

Thank You – Michael Aguillard
HD .MP4 file (0:18)
1280×720 / 3.5 MB

Thank You – Idalia Testamark
HD .MP4 file (0:20)
1280×720 / 3.7 MB

Thank You – Malik Rashad
HD .MP4 file (0:21)
1280×720 / 3.9 MB

Thank You – Casey Johnson
HD .MP4 file (0:34)
1280×720 / 6.1 MB

Thank You – Ted Parker
HD .MP4 file (0:19)
1280×720 / 3.9 MB

Thank You – Leslie Turner
HD .MP4 file (0:20)
1280×720 / 3.0 MB

Thank You – Esgar Jimenez
HD .MP4 file (0:21)
1280×720 / 3.2 MB

Thank You – Joann Horn
HD .MP4 file (0:27)
1280×720 / 7.3 MB

Thank You – Mark Mitchell
HD .MP4 file (0:42)
1280×720 / 12.5 MB


Connecting the Seeds (Español)
HD .MP4 file (2:29)
1280×720 / 34.4 MB

God Still Loves the Country (Español)
HD .MP4 file (2:58)
1280×720 / 48.6 MB

Little Victories (Español)
HD .MP4 file (2:33)
1280×720 / 38.3 MB

Hope Hope Hope (Español)
HD .MP4 file (2:49)
1280×720 / 45.2 MB

Want More Videos to Share?

The Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering funds missions efforts in Louisiana, including Here for You. Visit the website to view and share more videos with your friends.