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Day 4

More than Money

Off to School

Kevin West, Pastor of First Baptist in Ville Platte, is grateful for the Hannah Reynolds WMU scholarship for students at Louisiana Christian University (LCU). When his son, Ethan, began his college search, the connection was made between what they’d been teaching their children regarding missions and ministry, and the purpose of the scholarship. “The scholarship helps support their education as they continue to do what they’d already been doing. It was a beautiful connection.”

When a student receives the WMU scholarship, they are “adopted” by Women’s Missions and Ministries (WMM) leaders who begin praying for them while they’re in school. This is often an unexpected blessing.

“The first card we received was for Ethan. It had the name of the association on it, and they said they were praying for our son,” said Anita West, Ethan’s mother. “It was such a blessing to know our child is being lifted up by someone else.” Kamryn, the West’s daughter and scholarship recipient, was also touched by the prayer cards. “The first time I opened a card … I was excited … because of the thought and prayer they put into it.”

Over the past 25 years, 849 students have received the Hannah Reynolds WMU scholarship. Your generous gifts to the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering are helping raise up the next generation of ministry leaders.*

*Learn about all WMU scholarships by visiting

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for God to bless and direct the students currently receiving the scholarship.
  • Thank God for the associations and WMM groups who adopt and pray for the recipients.
  • Thank God for the generosity of Louisiana Baptists who make these scholarships possible through their GBO gifts.

Days of Prayer