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Day 8

Screentime is Seed Time

Where They Are

Where would you go if you wanted to share Jesus with the estimated 3.2 million people in Louisiana who don’t know Jesus?

How about a place where the average American spends over 7 hours a day?

How about a place where we spend up to 44 percent of our waking hours?

How about a place where people engage over 2,000 times per day – once every 10 minutes?

We’re talking about screens. According to one study, screen time is up 13 percent since 2013 and the average American spends more than 2 hours a day checking social media.

If we’re going to reach Louisiana with the Gospel, we need to meet them where they are – and they are in front of a screen much of the time.

Through Here for You, your (Louisiana Baptists) multi-media outreach strategy, you reached over 110,000 people every month through social media in 2022. You reached an additional 51,000 people monthly via streaming services.

Even better, 884 people indicated a decision for Christ last year through our partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Your gifts through the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering are on the cutting edge of sharing God’s truth in the highways and hedges of Louisiana.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray the seeds of God’s truth will find good soil as they are scattered through social media and streaming services.
  • Pray for laborers to bring in the harvest God prepares, Mark 4:29.

Days of Prayer