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Day 5

Reaching Korea – in Bossier City

Ban Suk Korean Baptist Church

Missions Incoming

When we think about international missions, we envision missionaries crossing oceans, but sometimes international opportunities come to Louisiana.

Pastor David Lee’s connection to the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Missions Offering goes back 27 years when he came to serve Ban Suk Korean Baptist Church in Bossier City. In those first five years of ministry, Ban Suk Baptist received support from the Georgia Barnette Offering. In 2006, the offering helped fund the construction of their main building where every Sunday you’ll find 40 to 50 Korean believers gathering for worship.

Ten years ago, in desperation, Wilma found herself at a rescue mission in town and connected with Ban Suk Baptist. She is now an active participant in the church. Wilma’s journey is just one of the scores of stories and answered prayers that make up the DNA of Ban Suk.

Since 2015, David Lee has also served as the Asian Development Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. He networks with other Asian groups in the state and works to start new congregations to reach this growing population.

Pastor Lee and the Ban Suk fellowship have found a voice and a home in Bossier City with the help of your prayers and gifts.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for Pastor David Lee as he preaches, leads, and grows this gospel outpost in Bossier City.
  • Pray for Wilma as she continues to grow in her faith.
  • Pray the increasing number of Koreans in Bossier City, and throughout Louisiana, will find Jesus as Pastor Lee works to start new Asian congregations.

Days of Prayer