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Day 6

Everyone's Job

Evangelism Conference

Let’s Geaux!

Before going into the highways and hedges of Louisiana to share the gospel, believers must be motivated and equipped. They must recognize the lostness of our state and how God wants to use them to address this need. That’s why for over 40 years, Louisiana Baptists have held an annual evangelism conference. Today it’s called ECON.

The sole purpose of ECON is to encourage and equip pastors, church staff, and lay leaders. Through the years, thousands of leaders have accepted the clarion call to share the good news. Missionaries have been called to go, pastors have been inspired to see the harvest that surrounds them, and church members have accepted God’s call to be salt and light in their communities. Evangelism is a job for everyone in the church and ECON underscores this important truth.

ECON wouldn’t happen without your participation in the Georgia Barnette Louisiana Mission Offering. God is using your gifts to inspire new generations of lay leaders and pastors to share the gospel in their corner of the state.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for God to multiply harvesters throughout Louisiana through the ministry of ECON.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move mightily in the hearts of those who attend so we can address the greatest need in our state – lostness.
  • Pray for Keith Manuel as he leads in preparing and executing this strategic opportunity.

Days of Prayer